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Technology exists purely to make our lives easier. So why does it seem that each new tech wonder or ‘easy to use solution’ adds tey more frustration and vulnerability to our lives and businesses? Pride Solutions Derby doesn’t believe it has to be this way. Our goal is simple:

Take Pride In Tech

Whilst working with countless businesses, both large and small, we’ve learned a few things about fostering success stories. First it’s not easy building a small business, our customers put thousands of hours into perfecting their skills and developing their businesses and technology shouldn’t be a blocker to their growth. Next, our clients are our number one responsibility. We don’t sell or re-sell products and services for kickbacks. We help choose the best solution for each individual business because nurturing great, long term relationships with our customers are more important than commission. And finally, we must be flexible enough to evolve and adapt to changing markets and customer needs. Technology is always changing, and we provide the support to keep our customers at the cutting edge.

With expertise that ranges from on-site computer repair and maintenance to structured cabling and build out, our only limitation is ‘what does our client need’.

Why Choose Pride Solutions Derby?

You’re NOT Just Another Ticket Number!

When you have a problem you don’t want to talk to a machine, or be assigned a automated number from a robotic helpdesk system,  you want your problem solved quickly and professionally.  We bring a human element back to technology by talking with your people and replying to their emails, texts or other electronic messages to let them know we care, that we are there for them and how and when their issue will be resolved.

Security first & foremost!

Cyber Security and the developing threat landscape that comes with it is no joke. An attack, no matter how big or small can have disastrous consequences for your business. That is why Cyber & Information Security underpins every discussion, every project and every one of our customers right from day one with us. Our frameworks are built around how we are going to keep clients secure and, leading from the front, we take critical steps in making sure the systems and tools we use to maintain your business are protected and secure themselves.  All of our sensitive systems are protected with two-factor authentication systems and our client data is stored on encrypted systems.  Our constant use of high level security means that it is just second nature here.  Our deep knowledge and understanding of this tech allows us to help our clients in implementing the same security measures in their businesses as well.

Open Source

We know the words ‘open source’ cna bring about certain connotations for businesses. But we don’t just recommend these solutions, we actually use them ourselves, in our production environments.  Our business runs on open source systems, all of our servers, both in-house and hosted, are running on either Linux or FreeBSD.  Open Source means the systems are inspected, used and supported by a giant community of people who’s combined aim is to get the best out of the system whilst maximizing the security. It is a win-win for everyone.